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Avatarcoder on Facebook

Avatarcoder is officially launched and is now on Facebook! You can use the application at Avatarcoder on Facebook. Be sure to like the pag...

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Avatarcoder News 2011-5-16

The avatarcoder application is uploaded and usable. However, it is not live yet. But still it will be visible to visitors of the avatarcoder website. You can start using the application at the ...

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Get Started

Create Your Avatar! If you get lost, instructions can be found to the bottom of the page. ...

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Frequently-Asked Questions Q: What is Avatarcoder? A: It is an online web-based FREE application that lets you create your own avatar. Q: Is it Free? A: Yes. It is absolutely FREE....

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Terms and Conditions

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS OF SERVICE CAREFULLY. THEY GOVERN YOUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES AND USE OF THIS WEBSITE The avatarcoder.tamugaia.com website is comprised of various web pages and services (collectiv...

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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the website of http://Avatarcoder.tamugaia.com. Tamugaia has commitment to the users’ privacy, so we disclose why we collect the user's information and what we do with it. ...

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About Avatarcoder

Avatarcoder is an avatar maker flash application that lets you create your own cartoon avatar to be used on forums, message boards, instant-messaging and social sites like Facebook. Avatarcoder features include: ...

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