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Create Your Avatar! If you get lost, instructions can be found to the bottom of the page.

Step 1
Initially, you will start off with a base avatar. You can click on Input to input your avatarcode (paste it in) if you already have one. You can also randomize your avatar by clicking on Randomize.

Step 2
You can configure the avatar's looks such as Facial features, clothes, hair, background and so on...

Step 3
You can adjust the camera panning, zooming and lighting by clicking on "Finalize".

Step 4
Once completed, click "Save" and you can obtain a JPEG image of your avatar or copy and save the avatarcode that can serve as an input if you want to edit your avatar again later (see step 1)

If you find some bugs and some functions do not work, please feel free to contact me at [josh at tamugaia dot com].

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