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Avatarcoder is an avatar maker flash application that lets you create your own cartoon avatar to be used on forums, message boards, instant-messaging and social sites like Facebook. Avatarcoder features include:
  • a wide customization range
  • randomization
  • hair styles, masks, headgear and clothes
  • 5 different head rotations
  • avatarcode : each avatar has a code. You can copy and save it. Then you can load it later to make changes to your avatar.
  • Export to JPEG file
Avatarcoder is quite sophisticated in its own way but then it is relatively easy to use it to create avatars that are unique. What makes Avatarcoder different from other Avatar maker applications on the Internet? Here's a comparison:

Avatar Maker Weaknesses Comparison with Avatarcoder
2D Cartoonish Avatar Makers This type of Avatar makers are good for fast configurations. You just need to select the eyes, nose, mouth, hair and some headgear and you are set. But most of the time, all avatars that are created look quite similar, have big bobbleheads, are caricatures and do not have the unique feel. Avatarcoder is a 2D avatar maker but it has 5 different head rotations. The avatars can be configured to look totally different because facial uniqueness like face element positioning and face shapes can be configured. As a matter of fact, many different parts of the face can be configured and this makes the combinations near endless. The avatars are not bobbleheads, and are not caricatures.
2D Realistic Avatar Makers These avatar makers try to convert a photo into cartoons. They may work well, but then a photo will be needed as input. Sometimes, the avatar that is generated will look exactly like the photo and this is sometimes not ideal for avatars that look more cartoonish. Avatarcoder does not need a photo input and therefore, you can create your own character from your imagination. The avatar created using avatarcoder is not so realistic and will still have the cartoon feel instead of being a very realistic vector art.
3D Avatar Makers 3D avatar nmakers are sophisticated and the avatars look very realistic and can sometimes animate. However, they have major drawbacks:
1. The filesize of the application maybe huge.
2. A special plugin maybe needed.
3. It might take a long time to create the avatar and "mold" it into the way you want it because it involves 3D morphing. You may even take up to an hour. Some browser-based 3D avatar makers involve long loading times for each control selection. Most of the time, you will not need such a realistic 3D avatar but you will need to go through a lot of hard work to create one from 3D avatar makers. If you just skip through various parts to speed up the creation, you might just get an "ordinary" avatar.
Even though Avatarcoder is 2D, it has 5 head rotations. Avatarcoder only requires the Adobe Flash plugin that almost all browsers already have. It does not take long to create a unique avatar. The most would be around 20 minutes. However, you can easily use the randomize button to randomize certain parts and edit only the parts that matter. This would probably let you create unique avatars in only a few minutes.
Please feel free to browse through this site with the navigational links. If you want to start making your Avatar, you can create it right here: Create My Avatar

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